Passion for Best Fitting!

  • Is your pattern department responsible for the challenges of digitization and industry 4.0?
  • Is the architecture of your pattern correct?
  • Are your pattern developed in a  block pattern system?
  • Is your grading tailored to your target group?
  • Are your processing revirements and quality revirements on Your pattern matched?

Only then you can send your designers and product managers to your suppliers in order to develop your garments on the spot. The supplier will not understand your company philosophy without coaching!


In the course of more than 30 years as a designer and pattern artist for companies like:

  • Peine Gruppe Wilhelmshaven (formelle and informelle men´s wear)
  • canda (C&A)
  • Heinecke & Klaproth (trousers)
  • SCABAL (Luxury Made to Measure)

I have accumulated enough experience to help you with these challenges.


I support you with:

  • Pattern development of formal and informal suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats and coats are my core competencies……
  • Pattern development with the CAD-systems Assyst, Lectra and Gerber of course ….
  • Pattern development as block-pattern is mandatory …..
  • Develop grades tailored to your target audience.....
  • Processing methods and quality standards that are adapted to the pattern is mandatory…..
  • Monitoring the production of prototypes, samples and production orders is standard…..
  • Performing fitting tests is a must…..
  • Training your creative team if necessary……