The construction of a men's suit is the most important aspect of producing quality menswear. A well-constructed jacket or pants not only provides an appealing fit and aesthetic, but also comfort and durability. The fit makes or breaks the purchase of a garment!


The fit decides the purchase of a garment!


If you have fit problems because of aggravated cuts, or you have lost the sovereignty over your models because of shifting the product development to the supplier, I support you in reorganizing your model department.



The procedure in your company is as follows:



 1st step: Analysis of the actual situation:

  • in the model department
  • in the CAD department
  • in the cutting department
  • in the production process
  • Final report with optimization proposals.


2nd step:

  • Implementation of the optimizations in your company or in your production plant


3rd step:

  • Follow-up orders for the optimization of your processes in your company or in your production plan


I will gladly provide you with an individual cost estimate on a project-related basis after clarification of the order!